Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ahhhh it's fall....Pumpkin!

Well I was in the mood to make some pumpkins. Looked over a few patterns and decided that I really didn't feel like following a specific pattern (due to laziness and the inability to carry around my computer at the time). So here is my version of a crocheted pumpkin...which is inspired by many other peoples beautiful pumpkins :)

****I will add a picture...must hunt down my disappearing camera!****


You will need:
WW yarn in orange and brown
5mm hook (or size to make your work tight enough that you won't see any stuffing)
3mm DPN's (or whichever size you'd like...for stem)
Yarn needle (I use a metal one...plastic might break when pulling yarn through pumpkin)

Adjustable loop, ch1, 5 sc in loop...pull tight and work over the tail for the next round to secure it.
2sc in each around.
*2sc, sc in next 1* around.
*2sc, sc in next 2* around.
*2sc, sc in next 3* around.
*2sc, sc in next 4* around.
*2sc, sc in next 5* around.

sc in each st for 8 rounds.

*sc2tog, sc in next 5* around.
*sc2tog, sc in next 4* around.
*sc2tog, sc in next 3* around.
*sc2tog, sc in next 2* around. (This is a good time to stuff your pumpkin)
*sc2tog, sc in next 1* around.
sc2tog around. Cut a VERY long tail (about 18-24" long). Sew up the hole.

To make pumpkin shape:
Poke through the "hole" you just sewed up and the beginning "hole" and pull yarn tight to make an indentation. Do this for as many ridges as you would like...usually 5 or 6.
I like to go over the indents twice. Fasten off very close to one of the "holes" at the top or bottom and pull yarn through the pumpkin and cut yarn off.

Stem: Knit a 4st I-cord for the length you'd like. Sew to top of pumpkin.

Curl: Ch 14, 3sc in second ch from hook and in each ch to the to top of pumpkin where the stem joins.