Monday, June 2, 2008

Felted Bag Complete!

Completed the bag in about a week. Felted by time I'll use the washing machine! Turned out great though...had to do different handles than I had originally envisioned but I'm extremely happy with the ones I made in the end. Would definitely make another one. Loved the wool. Might have to use wool more often.

Actually went out and bought a book on Aran stitches... and have already done a bunch of sample squares of the stitches. Oh I wish I could figure out how to read the cable charts but my brain just cannot wrap around it right now. I am determined to figure it out one of these just isn't this day unfortunately. I really want to make an Aran baby blanket just not sure yet which stitch patterns I want to use.

I can't believe I'm actually back into knitting again, LOL. I was all into crochet when I had finally figured it out...but it has become boring for me at the moment. I know I'll get back into it soon...but for now I'm really enjoying knitting again. I think I was overwhelmed with the complexity of knitting when I was younger. I would see beautiful knitted items and think that there was no way in hell I would ever be able to do it...without really sitting down to figure it out. Now that I'm , maybe, a bit older and wiser I know if I just think, think, think, until there is smoke bellowing out of my ears I can usually figure it out...and that it's very satisfying to conquer a difficult stitch or pattern. Before I was in the mindset that if it was difficult than maybe it wasn't worth wrong I was! Well, I don't think I want to delve any further into the inner-workings of my will open the floodgates and it will get scary :P